Use the newest SOCI-Library to access SQLite databases

SOCI is a intuitive and fast C++ library to perform database access. Debian provides an outdated package of SOCI Version 2.2. for fast tryouts and tests. But if you want to use discover the real power of SOCI, you will have to use the most recent version 3.0 which isn’t available as Debian (Ubuntu/LinuxMint whatever) -Package.

The recent version of SOCI (3.0) doesn’t include the SQLite back-end engine in the standard deployment, thus is not a official supported and maintained plug-in anymore. Anyway, there is still a SQlite back-end available on the Git Repository of the SOCI project.  This stub will explain, how to obtain, compile and install SOCI 3.0 to replace the orphaned and outdated SOCI 2.0 packages from Debian.

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